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Virtual Members

      The Sending Church has four classes of members. Each class of member will have distinct rights and privileges which are listed in our church bylaws. The four classes of membership are:

New Member

Member in Full Connection

Virtual Member 

Watch Care Member

    The status of Virtual Member is given to every member who doesn’t live in the general area of the headquarters location, worships with the church online and has successfully completed our Online New Members Orientation.


1. ability to serve in some official ministries of the church
2. access to the virtual members only bible study
3. virtual membership certificate
4. weddings and funerals of immediate family members for no service charge
5. appointed your own personal pastor to serve alongside of the Senior Pastor

6. ability to request church financial records

How to Join

     Text the word "online" to (910) 469-4491 to be a member of The Sending Church Online.


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